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The Shrine was dedicated to the greater honor and glory of God and for the salvation of his people and designated by the Vatican to be a Shrine and NOT a parish. It was named the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer as a proclamation that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior…and that he lives with us always and everywhere. The Shrine was dedicated on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord on February 2, 1993.

Every year Las Vegas has about 42,300,000 visitors from all over the globe. Somewhere between five and six million of our visitors are Catholics.

Catholics are incredibly special people when it comes to our religion. No matter where we go, we take our faith and religious practices with us.  Wherever we find ourselves, we hope to join in the celebration of the Sunday Liturgy and to partake of the Sacraments. We take it for granted that the local Churches will provide the facilities and personnel necessary to meet our religious needs.

The Diocese of Las Vegas was a difficult location to handle.  The Cathedral at the north end of the Strip was enlarged and even then, could not accommodate the growing number of destination resorts being planned for the south end of the Strip. Thus the Shrine was built seating 2,200 and funded largely through individuals and corporate donations by the people of Las Vegas. After the wear and tear over the years, the original pews were replaced and the Shrine now seats under 2,000.  All are welcomed to the Shrine and we hope that your visit will be a happy and blessed experience.


Father Manuel Quintero
702-891-0252 (Direct)

Operations Director:
Ms. Merlyn Thompson
702.891.8600 x230

Robert Grant
Joseph Farina

Maintenance Staff:
Mr. David H. (Head Maintenance)
Mr. Paul P.
Mr. Pablo P.
Mr. Lauro L.
Mr. Leandro B.

Office & Gift Shop Staff:
Melinda P.
Maria L.
Bella M.

The Church is opened every day throughout the year.  There is a daily 12:10 pm Mass held Monday through Saturday, one Vigil Mass on Saturday and 5  Masses on a Sunday.  For proper coverage, the Rector is assisted by active and retired parish Priests, Deacons and Seminarians of the Las Vegas Roman Catholic Diocese.  They assist with the Masses, Reconciliation (Confession), Exposition/Benediction, Confession, Novena, and Holy Days of Obligation.

Not being a parish, we have over 150 volunteers who dedicate their time in various ministries – as a Lector, Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister, Acolyte, Altar Server, Cantor, Choir member, or an Usher/Hospitality Greeter. These volunteers make it possible for the Shrine to serve the hundreds of tourists and Las Vegas residents who come to celebrate the Mass at the Shrine.

We are deeply grateful to everyone for their help and volunteer service at the Shrine.  We thank you for your time and presence to serving our Lord here.  We ask our Lord to bestow upon you His many blessings and to keep you safe from harm and in good health